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If you aren't familiar with the online shopping phenonema, then please relax. This will, we hope, be just as easy as a trip to the shops and the only parking you have to worry about is an extra cushion for your armchair! All most all online shopping stores, the first thing to notice is that there's a list of options down the left side of the screen. By clicking on one of these will open a new window in this, the main part of your screen and will also, in some cases, change the list of options.


Depending on what you select, you may find a page of information such as this or you may see one of our products. Information pages are by their very nature usually very boring, but please take a minute to read through because they are designed to give you information that you may need to know.


The product pages will usually have a picture of the item offered together with some descriptive text  and the price. By selecting the 'Add to Basket' button you are adding them to your order, but don't worry, you can easily remove any and all of these items by viewing your basket and selecting the 'remove' box alongside it, at any stage up until you actually submit your order - and this will be clearly indicated. You may notice that every item has the number 1 in the quantity box beside it, this does not mean that you will be ordering one of each but is the 'default ' value if you should select that item.  You can change it, should you want more than one of an item. You will only order items that you actually add to your basket. - Gun store Dayton Ohio Prices are all in dollars and the price shown is what you pay plus the shipping charge which is subject to a minimum charge but is then broadly based on the weight. require payment to be in dollars. You must over 17 to buy from website. Any information that you give us is kept confidential. FRANKLINGUNVAULT do not sell or share information with any other business and only divulge information to official bodies such as Police, Customs etc., as required by law.


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